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Jess Koroleva

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Email: koroleva.jess@gmail.com

Diploma qualified beauty therapist. I pride myself in continuously seeking new product and up to date treatments in Beauty industry, so you can get the very best you deserve. I offer mobile services, so you can get all beauty treatments at your own place.

What Jess Koroleva says about Marvellous Feet

I first purchased my Professional Pedicure Micro-Air machine at the Beauty expo in Melbourne in April 2014. I was very happy to finally see the Pedicure Drill Machine in Australia as I have a lot of clients from Europe, who know about this kind of pedicure and manicure and have been getting European Pedicure overseas for years before they came to Australia. Most of my European clients were asking me about this service; however, I wasn’t sure how popular would it be here. Eventually, when I saw the machine at the expo, how it works and the results it provides, I knew I had to buy this machine. Moreover, I started to do manicures with it as well.

Not only am I able now to provide a better pedicure and manicure services I can also see more clients as it saves me a lot of time! I have increased my pedicure cost by $25 per appointment and manicure cost by $20!!! My profitability has soared and my clients became happy again. Those clients who tried it for the first time said they never come back to normal pedicure or manicure.

I highly recommend the purchase of the Micro Air with Dust Extraction machine – The in-built dust extractor means no unsightly clouds of dust or mess on the floor, resulting in a cleaner work environment for my self and my clients. Having this product is in my opinion essential to anyone who considers themselves a professional in the Beauty industry. I certainly feel professional NOW.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to Maria Friesen for helping me with professional advices.