For Home Personal Care, ideal for manicure and pedicure especially, nails, cuticles, calluses, hard dry skin areas. The Homecare pedicure drill set is for the explicit purpose of providing unique, effective, safe and affordable foot care for the individual consumer. With this European device, which includes warranty, you can save yourself the walk to the beautician’s and simply do your own grooming. The Pedicure Drill machine has so many benefits it is difficult to name them all. It is an electrical device used to do your own full manicure and pedicure at your own convenience.

It will shape your nails; it will remove horny/dry skin as well as grind in-grown corners of nails. It will push the skin which has grown at the root of the nail and can then be brushed away and most importantly it will eliminate rough calluses and corns on the feet. For the man or woman who likes to take care of themselves, the Pedicure Drill Set (PDS) is for those that may not be able to afford a regular visit to the professional beautician. It is for the traveller who has time restrictions and may not be aware of Beauty Salons in the cities they are visiting. In case you are conscious of your body image and don’t want to visit the professional beautician the PDS is the right solution for you. We all know that dry/cracked heals are not only embarrassing but can also be extremely painful. The PDS will help eliminate the cracked and dry skin and leave your feet feeling marvellous!

The PDS is a must have tool for everyone home and makes a great gift idea!

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