Multibor Pedicure Bit Set – Basic (5 per container)


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  • 127B – 150 Grit Fine Grade, 13mm
  • 127G – 80 Grit Medium Grade, 13mm
  • 90B – 150 Grit Fine Grade, 9mm
  • 90G – 80 Grit Medium Grade, 9mm
  • 100B -150 Grit Fine Grade, 10mm

Reusable 5 piece pedicure bit BASIC set is made from composite materials and comes complete with plastic container. Used in pedicure procedures to remove rough skin from heels. Fits pedicure machines that use 2.35mm or 3/32″ shaft. To be sterilised before re-use. Work with protective safety glasses and gloves. Autoclave safe. Not to be heated above 70 C.  Each bit lasts approximately 30 procedures.

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